Overcoming Joint Pain and Arthritis

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Arthritis and joint pain are common conditions, and while they are not life-threatening, there is no doubt that they can impact considerably on quality of life. While conventional medicine offers an array of painkilling drugs, for many they do not provide effective relief, and many medications have toxic side-effects some individuals are keen to avoid.

For those seeking an alternative to conventional approaches to arthritis and pain, help is at hand. In this audiobook, Dr John Briffa reveals the common causes of joint pain and arthritis, and how to combat them using natural, self-help strategies.

In this recording Dr Briffa covers:

  • The two main forms of arthritis, and the features that set them apart
  • The potential underlying causes of joint inflammation (rheumatoid arthritis)
  • The tests that can be useful for pinpointing the cause of joint inflammation
  • The dietary changes that can help reduce inflammation in the joints
  • Underlying causes of muscular pain an fibromyalgia
  • The natural supplements that can help combat ‘wear and tear’ arthritis
  • Safe and effective approaches to controlling pain and arthritis

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