Make you own mind up about the BDA and the dietetics ‘evidence-base’

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It’s not like me to be lost for words, but I honestly am not sure where to begin.

On Friday I posted a blog which was a response to an opinion piece in the British Medical Journal in which Dr Ben Goldacre took nutritionists to task. My response focused on the fundamental lack of evidence-base in medicine and dietetics. Also, in his response to his comments about some media nutritionists having lucrative commercial contracts with supermarkets, I drew to his and the public’s attention the fact that the British Dietetic Association receives funding from the food industry but refuses to declare this in a transparent way.

The blog post on Friday has been followed by a lively debate.

If you have the time and inclination I urge you to go back to Friday’s post, and read it in its entirety along with the comments that follow.

However, I know that in this time-poor world that may be asking too much. So, as an alternative, I’m going to use this blog to summarise it as succinctly as I can. To date:

1. No dietician, nor anyone supporting the dietetic approach nor the BDA has provided ANY SCIENCE at all that supports their position

2. No dietician, nor anyone supporting the dietetic approach nor the BDA seems at all concerned about the fact that the BDA receives funding from the food industry that it does not declare openly.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions about this.

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