I made low-carb pizza (by mistake)

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My folks came over today, fresh from a driving holiday in Ireland. When I came to make lunch, I realised that the cupboard was a bit bare on account of me being busier than normal and having neglected the food shopping a bit. A bit of improvisation was called for.

I found half a dozen eggs in the fridge, and decided to put an omelette together. I had eggs, but not much else, so made do. When I served the omelette, my mum asked if I’d cooked it from fresh. I said “Of course!”. She asked “Even the base?” ‘What base?”, I asked. Turns out my mum thought the omelette was a pizza.

When I thought about it I realised it did look like a pizza. When we started eating it, it actually tasted quite a lot like pizza too. Here’s how I made it…

I fried some onions and mushrooms in a pan and when quite well-cooked I added some thinly sliced chorizo to cook for just a little. I added the onions, mushrooms and chorizo to some beaten eggs. I found some sun dried tomato and mozzarella in the fridge too so sliced these up and added to the mix with some freshly ground pepper. I returned to the pan, cooked for a while and then finished it off under the grill.

I didn’t photograph lunch, so recreated the ‘pizza’ this evening minus the mushrooms (none left) – photo below.

You can see from the photo that the dish does bear more than a passing resemblance to pizza. But the weird thing was, as I hinted above, it tasted quite a lot like pizza too. Must have had something to do with the mix of mushroom, sun dried tomato (which gave it a really tomatoey flavour), chorizo (bit like pepperoni) and mozzarella. I decided to garnish with some fresh basil this evening for effect.

Anyway, it occurred to me that this dish might just do as a pizza substitute for those keen to stay quite low-carb and/or avoid wheat. Enjoy.

Low-Carb Pizza, Anyone?

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